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About Us


Virginia Laser Corporation is a locally owned and operated small business in Abingdon, Virginia. We offer Laser Cutting Services and Sheet Metal Fabrication to a very diverse group of industries and are open to the public for custom jobs. Our primary focus has always been on Quality and People. Every project starts with Quality domestic materials, so we can proudly say 100% Made in the USA, and is processed through our detailed QMS (Quality Management System) to ensure timely and accurate deliveries. Our focus on people starts internally with our team members ensuring that above all else that we operate in a safe manner and that we set each other up for success. We strongly value each one of our team members and the skills that they bring to this environment everyday. Secondly, our customer’s focus is our focus. Manufacturing as a whole is a very fast paced field where there are always deadlines and needs to be met. We approach every job/quote with a sense of urgency to keep the pipeline in motion, knowing that our customer’s need that from us in order to do their jobs and meet the needs of their customer’s. We take pride in the work that we do because we take pride in the work of our customer’s. Our goal is to provide every customer with quality products at an affordable price and be a valuable asset for them to have.

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